S Solutions Scale-Out Storage

S Solutions Global Namespace Scale-Out Storage (GNSOS) Solutions allow your projects to install a storage solution that can grow out laterally in the future. Pay as you grow and pay when you need it.

S Solutions Scale-Out Storage

SRN2L24+FC- High Density Enterprise 2U 24-bay

●Enterprise Hardware RAID Protection ●High Performance 8G SSD OS Disk (upgradable to Dual SSD OS Mirrored for higher level OS protection) ●Supports hardware RAID 0, 1, 1+0, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60 with global or dedicated hot-spare ●Support for 12G & 6G SAS or SATA III 8TB hard drives

SRN2L24+FC- High Density Enterprise 2U 24-bay

SRD4J24S12/R12 - 4U 24-Bay 12Gb/s Enterprise SAS JBOD

Highest Density Available - 4U 24-bay High Density Storage Design - Support the 2.5” / 3.5" enterprise class 12Gb/6Gb SAS/SATA HDD or SSD drives High Availability - Single or Dual 12Gb SAS JBOD Expander controller module - Each SAS JBOD controller module consist of three 4x mini SAS HD ports

SRD4J24S12/R12 - 4U 24-Bay 12Gb/s Enterprise SAS JBOD

Taichung, Taiwan (December 15th, 2019)

2019/12/27 下午 03:10:01

SRD4J60R124U 60-bay12G SAS to SAS/SATA Expander JBOD Storage by S Solutions Technology

Taichung, Taiwan (December 15th, 2019) – S Solutions Technology, Inc., a global leader of shared storage, SAN and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments, data center, video & audio editing, video surveillance security with a professional Sales and Engineering team serving worldwide customer with over 18 years of experience. 

The S Solutions SRD4J60R12(w/Redundant Controller) is a high density 4U 60-bay rackmount designed for storage hungry applications and accommodates up to TB of storage space. The 12Gb SAS JBOD accommodates dual controllers, the latest SAS 3.0 12Gb/s interface which boosts the throughput up to 4,800MB/s per host. Based on this powerful performance, the SRD4J60R12 12Gb SAS JBOD can efficiently meet demands for compatible with latest SAS 12G technology. SRD4J60R12 provides high density solution for 6G& 12G SAS/SATA drives (suggested to use SAS drives for dual controllers). By utilizing the latest SAS expander technology, the SRD4J60R12 supports up to 256 SAS or SATA drives using only one mini-SAS cable. Dual SAS channel support RAID controller card or non-RAID HBA for big data storage requirements. Opposite-facing HDD bays to offset torques and minimizesrotation vibration aggregation. Build-in redundant controller provides high availability option allow automatically failover in event of controller failure. With a 12G high performance RAID controller card, the SRD4J60R12latest 12Gb/s SAS JBOD is capable of delivering and doubling the previous 6G SAS expander bandwidth. System management information including smart fan, thermal monitor, HDD monitor, voltage monitor, alarm warning, etc. status. The SRD4J60R12 is an ideal storage expansion solution for servers or high performance video editing workstations. Supported in Windows, MAC and Linux, including various file system such as ZFS, VMware, and Hadoop.

- 12G SAS Expander Technology - Top-load design supports 60 hot-swap 3.5". Connect 60 SAS drives with only one single SFF-8644 to 8644 HD Mini-SAS cable (Copper or AOC) to HBA (Host Bus Adapter) or RAID controllers.

-Support LFF and SFF Form Factor - Support 3.5" 6G/12G Hard drives.
-Dual Channel SAS Controller - Dual SAS channel provides up to two host server connection, as well as support of zoning. SRD4J60R12 provides high availability option, allowing automatically failover in event of controller failure.
-Redundant controller - Build-in redundant controller provides high availability option allow automatically failover in event of controller failure.
-Superior Performance - Support of 6G/12G hard drives, with 12G SAS expander in 48Gb/s bandwidth.
-Staggering Spin-Up - Built-in staggering spin-up for hard drives during power up. Thus, extending the life / duty cycle of the hard drives and power supply.
-Support Industry Standard SGPIO - SGPIO is utilized to provide the hard drives health & enclosure real-time information via the Mini-SAS HD connection cable to the HBA (host Bus Adapter) without additional serial cable.Features external cable management for easy access to theentire storage system.
-Multi-purposes with unique design - Tool-less HDD captive tray slots for quick maintenance. It is for capacity orientated storage such as disk-to-disk backup, data-archiving, and digital video editing. Enterprise level SAS drives could be employed for I/O intensive applications such as transactional databases.
-Redundant Power Supply - Hot-swappable, redundant power is included for protection against power failure. Power supply status can be easily monitored by the status LED and audible alarm alert.
-All hardware is included - Cooling fan, and tray modules are included. By connecting to a SAS controller and hard drives will instantly increase the storage space.
-Wide Range Adapters Support - Compatible with Areca LSI, Intel 12G SAS expander controller.

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